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Congratulations! You’re engaged and after you’ve chosen the date of the big day. It's time to plan all the rest. In this article you will find the best 10 tips to make your wedding perfect. Or at least the most relaxed one.

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1. Choose a venue to have your ceremony and wedding reception at the same place.

The first of which is picking the venue of your wedding. So my first tip is to have your ceremony and wedding reception at the same venue. There are various banquet halls where they have an open space outside. That can be reserved to be used for your ceremony and a space inside for the reception. One perfect sample of that is the Agoura Hills Event Center. Also remember that moving from one place to another takes time away that you could be using to take more and better pictures with your guests. 

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2. Communicate with your photographer and videographer.

After choosing and hiring your photography services make sure to always maintain constant communication with them. First, they’ll be the only ones out of all your providers that will be right there with you from your engagement all the way until the end of your wedding day. Second, make sure they know your style and what kind of photos you like but also inform them on all the details, such as the location of the venue or even an uncomfortable family secret (the aunt that doesn’t get along with anybody) so that there are no awkward mishaps the day of the wedding.

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3. Make a select list of guests.

Analyze who will be on your guest list. Remember that your wedding is only yours and only happens once in your lifetime (or at least that’s the initial intention). Plus, you won’t have to go through those awkward moments where you have to hug and greet people you don’t know. Not to mention the huge difference it’ll all make on your total costs. Also consider having a “no kids” policy on your invitations since they can sometimes cause a bit of chaos during the ceremony or first dance and above all else in your pictures and video which at the end of the day, is one of the only things that’ll remain from your special day.

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4. Hire a wedding planner

From my experience, one of the best investments in a wedding (after your photographer and videographer of course) is an event planner that’ll help you avoid a lot of stress. They’re in charge of talking to and organizing all your other vendors, also they will be able to recommend vendors that they trust and will ensure that there are no bad apples or unplanned surprises that day. But most importantly, they’ll take care of everything leaving you and your loved ones to just sit back and enjoy.

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5. Picking a comfortable dress and shoes

Picking your wedding dress and shoes is an adventure and challenge in itself. But before you let yourself be guided by fashion or what’s in style, your first priority should be comfort. Because you’ll be all over the place that day and the last thing you want is to have difficulty breathing and waste 30 minutes undoing your dress every time you have to use the restroom. Don’t worry about the shoes being the prettiest, as long as they’re comfortable, they’re perfect and they won’t even be seen in most of the pictures anyway.

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6. Music selection: live music or DJ.

Whether you decide to have live music or a DJ, there are a lot of factors you must consider before hiring. First is knowing that they have the necessary equipment such as microphones and quality speakers; remember that 50% of your video is audio. I recommend that you send them a list of songs you’d like in advance, especially the important ones such as the song you’ll use for your first dance. You should also send them the written program or schedule of the party so that things could go according to plan and smoothly.

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7. Make a schedule/ program for the day.

This schedule should help everything go according to plan in a timely manner (or at least that’s its intention). Making a program will also help give you an idea of how much time is needed for each activity or portion of the night. For example, the family photos are normally taken after the ceremony, this way you can take just the right amount of time for everything without missing out on all the fun.


8. Assign a personal assistant.

Normally, the brides can count on their amazing team of bridesmaids and of course her maid of honor to be her right hand woman for the day. If this isn’t the case however, you should assign someone else you trust such as your sister, cousin, or best friend that’ll be there for you, ready for any obstacle that may prevent you from completely enjoying your day. This way all you have to worry about is having fun.


9. Get plenty of rest days before the wedding.

I recommend taking at least a week off before your wedding day and get the rest you haven’t gotten for the past few months while preparing everything. Sleep as much as you can the day before since there is nothing worse than a tired couple with bags under their eyes. Remember that your face, as much as you try to hide it, will reveal your exhaustion and stress which will also reflect in your photos and video. So with that being said, REST!

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10. Enjoy your day.

Lastly, even though it’s such a cliche, enjoy and soak up every single bit of your wedding day. From your hair-do all the way until the very last guest leaves. Appreciate the little moments and forget about everyone and everything, it’s your day. There’s always going to be small details or moments that get out of your control but if there’s a solution, why stress about it and if there’s not, again, why stress about it. At the end of the day, the only thing that remains are our memories, so might as well enjoy them.

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